A Grave Mistake

The Holy Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) guide us to acquire knowledge that assists us in achieving the best of this Life as well as best of Akhirah.

But with the passage of time, people bifurcated knowledge into:

  1. Deeni (Religious) Knowledge:
    Targeting only the ‘Best of Akhirah’ and ignoring the ‘Best of Duniya’.
  2. Dunyavi (Worldly) Knowledge:
    Targeting only the ‘Best of Duniya’ while leaving out the ‘Best of Akhirah’ completely.

The former category is usually associated with Madarsa Education and the later with convent education. This dichotomy has promoted the idea that success in one world can only be achieved at the cost of the other. It belies the true spirit of Islamic teachings, and has become a stumbling block in the development of the community.

Further, in spite of the existence of many Muslim Schools around us, the preferred choice of the majority of Muslims continues to be Convent Schools. The obvious reason for this is the lack of the quality of Academic and Islamic education at Muslim schools.


Do you not think your child deserves to aim for the best in “This world’’ as well as the best in the ‘’Hereafter’’?

"Sir Syed Mission School’s unique educational program will InshaAllah equip your children to strive for success in both the worlds, and thus truly become Allah’s ‘Khair-ul Ummah’: the best of human-being.