About Us

The concept of Islamic school has been developed as an alternative to the ‘one track approach’, and is based on combining the best of both religious and academic learning into an integrated model. The Islamic schools have witnessed a tremendous growth around the globe in recent years.

Presently, there are more than 100 Islamic schools operating in India. The basic aim of these schools is to provide academic education better than convents along with Islamic education. Unlike other schools, they do not propagate the idea of ‘survival of the fittest’, which instructs a child to attain a success by climbing over the shoulders of his fellow brothers. Instead, they extol the teaching of ‘co-operation for co-existence’, which was the spirit of our beloved Sahabah (Companions of Prophet).

A group of highly educated and technically as well as academically experienced people felt a strong need for a quality school to provide all modern education with Islamic teachings in Islamic Environment for the students of Delhi too. And to fulfill this need, Sir Syed Mission School came into existence as the first endeavour in March 2015, under the ‘AL-HASAN Trust, Regd. No. 970/2015, Registered by Govt. of NCT of Delhi’, a completely non-profitable organization.


  • Unlike other school, SSMS is not commercially motivated; it is a school with a mission and purpose.
  • SSMS provides an atmosphere conducive to better learning and cultivation of Human and Islamic values at the same time.
  • The standard of English is better than most schools and the standard of Arabic is better than most Madarsas.
  • Our Students start communicating in English by pre-nursery and in Arabic by 1st class.
  • SSMS follow a very rigorous procedure for selection of its teachers and therefore has an extremely dedicated, motivated and qualified staff with a strong sense of Islamic values.